In this text there is not the answer, there is only the key. You must prepare to enter. It is not for the elect. Is not difficult. But you must follow the instructions carefully. It does not work to read the instructions and imagining that you follow them. You must do this literally. It is not worth doing otherwise.

There is nothing more secret, safe and intimate. Forget about logins or passwords. It is beyond the reach of the most advanced artificial intelligence. Out of their plane. However you can have it with little effort.

Find a quiet place where no one will disturb you, where you can close your eyes without worrying about what may happen around. Sitting or lying down, it doesn’t matter. Think of this as an update. It is perhaps a ridiculous metaphor, but it’s like an update to your phone or computer. Something that comes down from the cloud to change things.

Like updates, it takes a while, rest. The software has to descend like rain and soak the ground. And in that rest the new seed will grow, the tree that this land dreamed of, that which you have always sought. But the earth must be soaked, the water must diffuse between the compressed particles of the substrate, causing it to sponge. Each person is different, but many minutes, or more. You must be patient.

It does not require effort. This is a difficult part. There’s nothing to do. Just breathe. You can focus on your breathing, it is a good way to do nothing. If you are not calm it cannot happen. You cannot be active, you have to let your thoughts rest so that the new software reaches you. You can’t even read this. You should finish reading all this and then try. Without thinking about what you have read. Letting only the background of what you try, what you want, guide you with its inertia, but without words, because words are thought and thought will block the actualization. It’s about receiving a message, being receptive. Breathing and silence help me. You can try other things, think about your muscles, your bones, your body, part by part.

And discard words, do not be confused. The words are not the message. The words are you, your mind. Don’t let the words fool you. Nothing you expect is as simple as a text. You are not looking for something that can be read. There are people who describe it as a light. For me it is a new mental place, a thought that opens. A flower that blooms in a vacuum without a bud ever having existed. New links between things that already were. But not words. You will not hear phrases or commands. Those are mirages. If you are not sure you feel it, then you are wrong. Wait more. Don’t rush, don’t be impatient. You’ll know when you see it, the light.

And when you feel it just wait. Do not do anything. The first few times it upsets you. Like when at the beginning of sleep a jolt appears that runs through your body and returns you to wakefulness. But do not worry. You are already there. Just let it happen again. You need to get soaked. Keep doing the same thing, don’t do anything, don’t think, don’t use words, don’t talk to yourself or talk to him. Let it wash over you. When you open your eyes, you and a new world will unfold without realizing it, a new firmware.

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