Whats you would want to come in here

Because inside you will find the key that gives you access to what you are really looking for. It is unlikely that you know what it is, what you are looking for. That which we all seek, but which is different for each one. Lost in an expanding universe, in a city of blind men who wander. We are all looking for something secret, something just ours. Randomly trusting the collision with our treasure. That is what you will find here. But the most precious jewel cannot be exposed to the daylight of html, open to all, it could not be. But the key can be. The key to what you are looking for, to what you have always looked for. From the childhood that you barely remember, when you were not even yourself yet. You hardly remember, but this you do: the search. Close your eyes, go back to the first unconnected memories, the leitmotiv behind them. Don’t force anything, just let it come back to you, it has always been there, what you were looking for, what you are looking for. That’s what I’m offering you, even though I don’t have it. But I do have the way to get there.


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